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Published on Mar 10, 2012 For more information on the hollow earth click on the below link. This simple experiment makes a great argument for hollow Earth theory. The hollow Earth is not possible in today's understanding of physical so called laws. Physics today requires gravity to be the main force. In the the electromagnetic universe theory electromagnetism is the main force in the universe. So in this model the centrifugal forces separate the earth through densities giving a hollow core. However, the other portion of the Earth and it's atmosphere would be mainly influence by electrostatic attraction and pulling in matter from outer space, thus explaining our atmosphere being lighter in mass, yet still existing in the outer sphere of the planet. Please see my playlist "The Science Delusion" to begin to understand not only how we do live in an electric universe but how our sciences have been led astray in the other fields. Please see the channel ThunderboltsProject for more information on the electric universe theory. Category Education License Standard YouTube License

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