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Hollow Earth Fact or Fiction?- Admiral Byrd Story

Uploaded on May 15, 2011 Stephen Sindoni shares the secret diary of Admiral Richard Byrd's journey to the inner earth in the video entitled "Hollow Earth Fact or Fiction?- Admiral Byrd Story." Additional translations to follow: Spanish Translation: Stephen Sindoni comparte el diario secreto de viaje el almirante Richard Byrd a la tierra interna en el video titulado "La Tierra Hueca Realidad o Ficción -?. Almirante Byrd Story " Italian Translation: Stephen Sindoni parti il diario segreto di viaggio ammiraglio Richard Byrd a terra interna nel video intitolato "Hollow Earth Fact or Fiction? -. Ammiraglio Byrd Story" French Translation: Stephen Sindoni part le journal secret de l'amiral Richard Byrd voyage à la terre intérieure dans la vidéo intitulée "Terre Creuse réalité ou fiction -?. amiral Byrd Story" German Translation: Stephen Sindoni teilt die geheime Tagebuch von Admiral Richard Byrd's Reise in die innere Erde in dem Video mit dem Titel "Hollow Earth Fact or Fiction? -. Admiral Byrd Story" Portuguese Translation: Stephen Sindoni partes do diário secreto de viagem almirante Richard Byrd para o interior da Terra no vídeo intitulado "Terra Oca Fato ou Ficção? -. almirante Byrd Story" Category Entertainment License Standard YouTube License

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